【Koi Cover】Zwei – Last Game (Steins;Gate 0 ED) with lyrics

I kept my promise to sing for the 100th subscriber to my YouTube, here is the song he suggested! I had a very fun time recording it.
I wish I had time to watch “Steins;Gate 0” before recording, a lot of people said it’s a very emotional anime, hopefully my voice can convey that mood as well!

💗Special thanks to AMV maker D33addict who allowed me to use some clips he/her made. Here is D33addict’s channel, you might find your favorite anime songs on it:

【Koi Cover 鯉的翻唱】
Zwei – Last Game (命運石之門0 片尾曲)

「Last Game」的風格/音域讓我相當自在,唱起來很帶感!



cover by Koi
Recorded with RME Babyface & Bluebird condenser mic
Mixed with Reaper

Nguồn: https://svdpch.org/

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  1. Very beautiful, indeed~ Umu, I already known it's very beautiful since beginning. Keep up the good works !! ^^


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