13: Interfaces in OOP PHP | Interfaces Explained | Object Oriented PHP Tutorial | PHP Tutorial

In this OOP PHP tutorial, I will let you know about Interfaces in OOP PHP. Interfaces in PHP are used to group together classes and give them a set of behaviours to follow, which ensures that there is more structure in your classes.

Link to interfaces:


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30 thoughts on “13: Interfaces in OOP PHP | Interfaces Explained | Object Oriented PHP Tutorial | PHP Tutorial”

  1. Please make video on iterators and generators in php and real life use cases, closures in php, also A real life OOP Project like: POS system would be a great help to learn.

  2. your examples are one of the few that actually make sense and click for me, ive watched tons of youtube videos and took alot of online courses and no one comes close to how well you explain things and how well your examples are done and explained

  3. i'm new to learn oop, and now i understand how it works by watching your tutorial. thanks a lot sir. hope theres a tutorial for using this oop for a simple website sir.

  4. interface PaymentInterface { public function paymentProcess(); }

    Since the method paymentProceess has a payNow() method call.

    Pretty sure he forgot to do that….

  5. You always find ways to make people smile whilst teaching a valuable lesson. That typo fix was simply epic 😁

  6. I feel like I missed somethig considering that you started off the video by describing how complex it is…This video makes it look so easy.

  7. Absolutely great video! Online guides use terrible examples like dogs or cars that has no real life relevance to make it sink in.
    I also love the depth you go to, like type hints and what they're about. +1 and subbed!

  8. Best explanation of interfaces. I have tried to understand the use of them for some time. But this made it crystal clear

  9. Thanks man. I was failing in understanding why the hell everybody says Interfaces are so powerful and give flexibility to your code. Yeah, they spit those words but they never tell you why, even worst, they just entangle with a lot of technical jargon speaking about things that implement a dependency of an object and blah blah blah (Which can be specially difficult for me because english is my second language and tutorials in spanish are not always very good). Finally someone explain it in plain words, thanks again. I'm guessing this is not the only thing you can do with Interfaces, but I'll keep reasearching and thanks to you I can understand things better now.

  10. Coming from iOS with Swift, Interface sounds very much like Protocols. Conforming to a protocol means you need to implement the mandatory methods. This seems very very similar


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