62: How to Remove the File Extension and Variables From the URL | Remove .php in URL | PHP Tutorial

How to Remove the File Extension and Variables From the URL | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming. In this PHP tutorial you will learn how to hide the .php extension from your website URL, while still having the variables passed using PHP in the URL.


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33 thoughts on “62: How to Remove the File Extension and Variables From the URL | Remove .php in URL | PHP Tutorial”

  1. Should we really write those sentences for each page? Is there any way to make it recognize the page name automatically?

  2. Hello, can you make this for my site (I pay of course if necessary). I am afraid not to mess all my site :). More detalils after your answer

  3. Hi… could you tell me the rewrite rule for hiding post names in address bar so that users though they copy and paste url in addressbar does't work.

  4. Does anyone know how he is using $_GET on the rewritten URL? As soon as I reWrite the URL my $_GET variables become undefined. I've searched the internet for hours and can't figure out how this is working for him.

  5. Hello, Daniel. Thank you for the tutorial. Do you know how I would check if the requested URL contains any file with the extension "php" and responds with HTTP code 403? I want to make my Apache web server respond with 403 Access Denied to any request for a .php-file regardless if that file exists or not.

  6. Imagine i have
    example.com/edit/profile?id=1 (where edit is a real folder and inside it i have profile.php)
    I want the rule to be

    Can I do this with pure PHP? I've been trying and didn't manage it to get it working

  7. I love this guy and how he simplifies difficult technical things. You are the best who ever teach the .htaccess RewriteEngine.

  8. may I know your computer specs for web development? I noticed that you have a lot of apps on your taskbar I just wonder, what computer specs I need to have for web development

  9. the lesson is wonderfully done and only lacks proper httpconf editing for when nobody managed to run .htaccess, but in this case this part deserves to be made in its own ova, i mean episode 😀 thanks teacher i always learn and get updated a lot from this channel.

  10. If anybody has the problem of css and images not loading: With this url rewrite, you need to use absolute paths.
    Before: " css/style.css"
    Now: "/www/mysite/css/style.css"
    Same goes for your images and javascript. Thank me later.

  11. please can u describe how to send data in url using the same process like ie test.php?id=12 how this can be done plz do reply


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