Aliens: The Arcade Game Review (Konami, 1989) – Selling R-Rated Franchises to Kids – Kim Justice

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Aliens, by Konami from 1989, is kind of a weird Arcade game – but it’s certainly one I have some fond memories of even if some people wonder why it exists. It’s also a good excuse to talk a little about the best ways of advertising R-rated franchises to children!

Special thanks to Iain Roberts for the request!
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20 thoughts on “Aliens: The Arcade Game Review (Konami, 1989) – Selling R-Rated Franchises to Kids – Kim Justice”

  1. The game that when ever I went to a new arcade I would look for this. Loved it. But damn it was a coin muncher

  2. When I was a kid in the 1990’s I use to go to Putt Putt and play this arcade game. I would spend all my tokens playing this game! Then I would go home and watch the movie afterwards. Hehehe! Great times!!!

  3. I would say the programmers just got too much freedom to go wild and the Hollywood studios didn't guide development much at this point in time

  4. Remember as well that the 80s was the first decade in which kids had easy access to adult-oriented movies via the VHS market. Most of these movies I had seen (and loved) by the age of 11 or 12.

    Also, bear in mind that in the US and Canada, kids can go to see R-rated movies in cinemas so long as they're accompanied by an adult. Only NC-17s are fully barred to children and younger teenagers.

  5. I played a brand new alien arcade game at dave and buster's last Saturday. It was a decent 2 player light gun shooter. and yes, kids were playing it. it looked a lot scarier than this colorful, retro run and gun game.

  6. OMG dude, listening to your voice is fucking TORTURE. Plz stop doing this. You do not have the voice for doing reviews, do yourself and us a favor and plz stop. Cheers.

  7. Have you seen the movie " space balls" your type of English accent sounds the same as the minister that's going to marry the princess until she runs away . His line is "marriage is what we are here for today " so what part of Britain sounds like that ? I'm Canadian and us Canucks don't have much of an accent like Yankees or Limees or Aussies or Kiwis do !

  8. No different from the deal Fox made with some toy company that brought out Alien action figures back in '79.


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