Am I Allowed to Open This on YouTube?

I am going in blind here. Please suggest more items for this new potential series.
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30 thoughts on “Am I Allowed to Open This on YouTube?”

  1. Card stats:

    Dick Enlargment: 69%

    Can’t show on YouTube: 70%

    Big tiddy goth girl: 40%

    Smol tiddy school girl: 40%

    Pedophilia meter: 100%

    Tiddy: yes


    Ap: Ass Power

    Dp: Dick Power

    Actual men: 1%

  2. This is from the anime DxD so this is for a series it is popular to a lot of horny teens and I think you know why

  3. This is Highschool DxD there's Four Seasons it's safe to show because in the show that actually show boobs naked

  4. If that's what inside the high school dxd pack I wouldn't wanna want to see what's in Shinmai maou no Testament/The testament of my devil sister version.


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