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A playthrough of Gametek’s 1991 NES game, American Gladiators.

Oh man I love this game, almost as much as i used to love the show! In a rare turnabout, the NES version is far superior to any other AG game on any other platform. It’s a completely different game than the 16-bit versions, and because of this, it’s not a nigh unplayable mess. The controls work, it doesn’t require a manual to figure out how to do the simplest things, and this one has loads of digitized grunts and screams that have to be heard to be believed, and the music – man, is it good. It’s super bassy, loaded with tacky drum samples and insanely catchy music loops that don’t ever get old.

It’s certainly difficult (the wall on level 3 and 4!), but it’s FUN, and even better played with a friend.

Sorry for the reupload – I didn’t realize until the other one had posted that I uploaded the wrong recording!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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22 thoughts on “American Gladiators (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. That's what I seen that at the before the end of "Video Power" (📺 Series) episode Hosted by Johnny Arcade along with his guests stars Blaze & Zap, or Lace sitting on a 🛋 together.

  2. Game was borderline impossible to beat. Could never get past the wall on level 2. This person makes it look easy. It doesn’t do it justice lol.

  3. This game seems to be based mainly on the second half of the first season of "American Gladiators", with Thunder (who debuted in season two) replacing Titan. This was probably because of the controversy surrounding Titan's departure from the show (Dan "Nitro" Clark talks about it in the video titled "The Dirtiest Competitor" on the American Gladiators channel).

  4. I agree with you completely with the level 3 and level 4 wall challenge. I still have a difficult time with the 4th wall, and have yet to beat the game; it's all in the hand placement.

  5. Good game and sort of follows the action of the game show. But if they would have, GameTek should have let you play as Steve Urkel or Carl Winslow just to tie in to the crossover episode from Family Matters. As for the voices in Joust…balls funny. My favorite from the game show was Assault. Its all about stealth. Maybe the kids who saw this are probably the adults of today who made Call Of Duty or Halo. Who knows?

  6. It's criminal how overlooked this game is. It absolutely destroys every 16-bit American Gladiators game out there, and is one of the funnest multiplayer games on the NES!


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