Anime Games: High School DxD: New Fight Gameplay Trailer【HD】

Free-to-Play “High School DxD: New Fight” Game Debut
Last week a free-to-play High School DxD game was announced for PS Vita in Japan. Supported by micro-transactions, High School DxD: New Fight is a harem RPG with an original story by series author Ichiei Ishibumi, and over 50 characters will make an appearance.

High School DxD: New Fight will also feature cooperative play, battle elements, multiple costumes, and a touch-based “Dress Break” system. There will also be online co-op and battle elements, as well as various costumes.

The harem RPG features an original story penned by the series’ author, and all the oppai you could possibly desire in the touch-based “Dress Break” system.

When will High School DxD season 4 be out? We don’t know when season 4 will be out, once it has been announced no doubt someone will post it here so you will be informed.

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31 thoughts on “Anime Games: High School DxD: New Fight Gameplay Trailer【HD】”

  1. A message for all peoples what still didnt watch this anime: Highschool DxD as you guys can see, have some sexual things. This anime does not have so much epic fights, but graphic its very good.

  2. why those games Jesus Pls Dont Say U Gona Fuck Psn If I Ceep Play Agario How did i came here actully u Think My Frend Was Watching This?

  3. I wish they would do something more like an RPG in the universe, I can see it being unique, maybe with a sort of monster hunter/tales of game mix, with new characters, a seperate story, fully voiced cutscenes by the actors.. I dunno, I'd definitely pay money for that, as I'm sure many ENGLISH SPEAKING customers would for a game to actually come to the PAL region anyway 🙁 come onnn


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