Atari 5200 Library | Looking at all 69 Games

I came across a video showing all the A52 games in one video, just a couple seconds each. I didn’t think that was good enough to demonstrate the console’s library. I then said to myself; “what if someone made a narrated video about ALL the games?”


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0:00 – Introduction
2:36 – Console library
31:16 – Reflection

Background Music:
Keystone Capers 5200 OST
Blue Print 5200 OST
Counterfeit Mermaids – Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero OST

3D FR Circus outro clips designed by Uneven Prankster

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46 thoughts on “Atari 5200 Library | Looking at all 69 Games”

  1. Does anyone ever notice that Frame sounds a like a game reviewer combined with CallmeCarson or am I just slowly going insane in quarantine.

  2. Pretty wild how I own some legitimate form of nearly every game on this list, most on either the 5200 itself or the Atari computers I can use a nice microswitch joystick on. Or fan modded versions of the same games with an sd card drive and even save wear and tear on my machines.

  3. Ok. 17:35 Mr Dos Castle… he's not slamming new tiles down..
    He's using a hammer to knock them out OR replace them to walk back over. The hammer is just hard to see. Also based on it's arcade counterpart which was the weird sequel to the better game Mr Do (a Dig Dug clone). Dig Dug sold us on the system way back when and the 5200 version of Pac Man. We did go from the Atari 2600 to the 5200. We also had the 400 computer and sold it for the Atari 1300 XE which was pretty good for it's time.

    Games I enjoyed on the system you seem to RIP, except Dig Dug. Mountain King I could play over and over. I think you had to go around collecting the Crystal dust. One you either got enough or all of it the hidden chest would be available at the bottom, but a spider as big as you protected the crown inside. Once you got the crown and took it back to the top it ended the game but got harder each time. Classical music used in video game. Had Quest for Quintana Roo (think that's right) the manual was not very clear. We got very far but never completed the game. We had few games but enjoyed each one. The games really didn't hold you to the system too long. Pitfall II Lost Caverns was my absolute favorite game. From the characters to the music and the extended 2nd half of the game not on the 2600 was here on the 5200. Did finish it a few times. Still wanting to hear that tune (both) arranged for orchestra… some day. Pengo was another one we had and did not have the arcade music but the alternate music for the US. Never new the original arcade terrible tune until I got it imported on the Saturn Sega collection with Up n Down…

  4. There's something you MAY not know about Space Invaders.When you go so far into the game (been too many years to remember HOW far) the Alien ship comes down,and picks up your cannon,and takes it away.On the next stage all the aliens/colors are different.Atari 5200 was the ONLY version to ever do this…

  5. The controller isn't bad when it works. Dependability is bad. Unfortunately, a number of games treat the analog controller as a digital controller which combined with its poor self centering can lead to poor experiences. For games which actually use the analog nature of the controller, it is a nice controller.

  6. For the early 80's the majority of these games don't look too bad.
    Maybe the console failed because of the crap controller and back then people probably didn't see the point in buying a new console if they already had one.

  7. Funny how SEGA and Nintendo both made games for this system, obviously before the NES and Master System came out.

  8. at least it has more games than the game com, and that one preportadly had more games than "you iddiots had brain cells!"

  9. 32:07 was for Colecovision since Colecovision had an adaptor that played 2600 games and that is what the commercial was referring to…I remember that commercial to show the superiority of gameplay on the 5200

  10. 32:08 that IS Pac-Man on the colecovision because that was the only way they got Pac-Man using the Atari 2600 add on

  11. For those of us who were there at the time Pole Position was in the arcades, and then bought the home versions, it was NEVER kind of bad. It was not only great, but it paid for itself in saved quarters.

  12. A lot of these games look closer to the 2600 than the NES. It's a bit of a shame, considering that the 5200 was capable of pretty decent graphics.

  13. I only saw this system growing up once as a kid in the early 80s, (I had a friend who had every system he had this and one of the atari computers)

  14. Tbh I would rather invest in one of the 8 bit computers since they use the same cpu but without the faulty controls


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