being a php developer…

How’s the life of a php developer like!? Watch the video and find out!!!
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18 thoughts on “being a php developer…”

  1. i have a PHP tattoo from when I was 18 (14 years ago). Best and worst decision of my life.

  2. I picked php in 2014, fast forward 6 years later. Yeah, PHP doesn't hold its throne as before, new kids in the town (Node, Go and etc) pushing php slowly to nowhere. However with soon php 8 and laravel around, php may still has a chance to rise up once again.

  3. Wondering if I should get into it because I just want to use it for data handling. Such as when I'm making sites in html and css, I could use it to output user Input from forms. Like if I have a html input box for a persons age and the person enters their age and presses the sumit button. I don't want it to just sit there and get used for nothing. Maybe it could be used to show an alert based on what age they are. Like if they put a number anything under 18 it will show an alert "you are too young, bye" and redirects them to the page before. But if they typed 18 and over they will be shown a alert "congrats, you will now enter the next page". JavaScript is just to complicated for learning this stuff. I don't know how to make JavaScript use the User Input.


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