Classic Game Room – ATARI 5200 Console review


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Classic Game Room HD reviews the ATARI 5200 video game system from 1982, the successor to the Atari 2600. This is the 4 controller model which is the size of a container ship and uses the most absurd power/tv switcher hookup ever created. There are many things to loathe about this unique game console and one thing to love, its an ATARI!!! It plays hundreds of Atari 5200 game cartridges, many of which are slightly upgraded versions of popular Atari 2600 games like Missile Command, Vanguard and Space Invaders. Others are awesome games which look like early NES action games like Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom and The Dreadnaught Factor. There are some Atari 5200 exclusives as well. Collecting for the 5200 is not terribly expensive, even though the Atari 5200 is considered a commercial failure there are still many out there and they are such an amazing pain to own that people want to get rid of them. Collectors benefit from this as 5200 games and consoles on eBay are easy to find, but working controllers are not. The Achilles heel of the Atari 5200 is the terrible, analog, non-self-centering controller which is difficult to replace because of the keypad. You can buy refurbished Atari 5200 controllers or the expensive Wico aftermarket Atari 5200 controller if you are really ambitious. The fact is the Atari 5200 has some great games, is a joy to collect for and is so large that it demands respect. It looks like a Laserdisc player combined with a dishwasher and is hard to miss when taking up your entire living room.


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25 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – ATARI 5200 Console review”

  1. I have both the 4 and 2 port versions. The 2 port is way better. Then I am a collector of old school.The graphics are as good as the Colecovision and way better than the Intellivision. The plus side is for about $200 shipping included you can get one in box with some games. The controllers can be fixed and its easy to get a better circuit board and buttons for it. Most "broken controllers just need to be cleaned. but yeah the analogue joystick is a pain.

  2. I finally own an Atari 5200 (2 controller port version) and I gotta say that I'm loving it. The controller it came with mostly works. It's not the best controller. It does have it flaws and I got to do a little bit of fixing, but people saying that it's one of the worst controllers of all time is over-exaggerating in my opinion. The games for the 5200 are really fun. I'm proud to own this system.

  3. the controller is great if reconditioned and if calibrated properly. Most people dont know how to calibrate it or do simple fixes

  4. there were really 3 5200s one a half breed 2 port front that uses the bigger plugs and a 2 port one that has the smaller ones. The first 2 port was left over originals but with a conventional power source. I am a expert when it comes to fixing 5200s and own all three.

  5. what is that thing called for the 4 controller model called? i bought a 5200 in an original box still. but the power thing is gone. now trying to figure out where to buy one. also, will other controllers work on it instead of that dumb controller you showed?

  6. What if I want w console big enough to beat someone to death with? See, you did not think off that one! Hey the carts might be big but they have nothing on the Neo Geo AES.

    This setup is nuts…can you imagine adding the two pronged UHF thing as well. I have never had to deal with that…thankfully but I am old enough I just lucked out by always having a decent RF or AV TV.

  7. Does't it use the same ports that the Jaguar uses? Maybe you could try plugging one of the Jag's controllers in?

  8. Ultimately, sloppy unreliable controllers and no backwards compatibility to one of the biggest library of games in history at that time (I..e. 2600 ) doomed the system from the get go

  9. Why they didn't bother to keep the atari 2600 controller and just add some more buttons on it ? That intellivision clone controller looks awful to handle.


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