Control – Asynchronous Suit – Where And How to Get

Hey guys! Here’s a short vid about the Asynchronous suit in Control! We tried to avoid spoilers about the puzzle, and the boss fight. But if you’re stuck on the puzzle, read further down!



In the Mirror Testing room inside the Synchronicity Lab, there’s a containment cell
which houses the mirror. There are 6 windows, 3 on each side, that are covered with
black rock panels (that’s literally what the game calls them lol) that you can remove/open
by pressing the switches on each window.

Also in the room, is a control station with two camera monitors side by side which you can interact with.
Each monitor shows the view from two cameras inside the cell, one on the left and one the right.
If you look at the monitor, you can clearly see the mirror inside, and the image reflected on mirror’s
surface. What you need to do to unlock the door to the cell, is to replicate exactly what the mirror shows
you. The black rock panels need to be arranged in the exact way that the mirror’s reflection shows.

Still stuck? Read on.

Let’s start from the left monitor. If you interact with it, you’ll see the mirror.
You’ll also see a yellow caution tape line on the floor which is really close to the mirror.
The 3 left-side windows are also visible, the first two windows that are closest to the mirror are open,
while the farthest one is closed. Now you need to copy the arrangement of the window panels.
The mirror is on the far side of the cell, and the yellow caution tape too. You can
see inside the cell by opening a window to check.

So on the left side, you need to keep the window nearest the stairs closed, and the other two open.
Just the same thing for the right side windows, and you’ll get the door open! I’ll probably make another video
showing the solution, but I really wanted to avoid spoilers on this one.

Have fun with the new suit!
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MUSIC: “Disco Inferno” by Perturbator


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6 thoughts on “Control – Asynchronous Suit – Where And How to Get”

  1. I beat this quest and went hunting for the outfit throughout the rest of the story before i looked it up. I'm glad i did because i would have been pretty frustrated haha. The outfit was just sitting there. Thank you 🙂

  2. Beat the boss, went into that cell to try to blast apart the crash test dummies (you can't), and completely missed the suit. Thanks for this. I thought I would get it automatically after the fight.

  3. Why does the game look soooooo much better on yours? I'm playing om xbox 1 and mine looks downrifht atrocious compared to yours


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