CONTROL – Ending

Control Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PC PS4 Pro Xbox One X Ray Tracing RTX No Commentary 2160p 60fps HD let’s play playthrough review guide
Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, all characters, best moments, final boss and true ending, secret ending.
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43 thoughts on “CONTROL – Ending”

  1. That thumbnail is complete bullshit, you're a real piece of fuckin work. I really appreciate you spoiling the end of the game, I hope your channel dies asshole.

  2. This game was one major pain in the ass stressful experience…with that said I completed it 100% with all side missions…why?…because I suffer from extreme OCD.

  3. What's with Emily Pope? at the beginning of the game she's friendly to Jesse, but after the credits roll it's like she's a total jerk, is this supposed to be the real ending or a fake ending?

  4. It's a great game but the ending like huh… no final boss make me down a bit so I give this game 8 score and the story becomes exciting only when near the end game but the start, the middle just like so so. Like Remedy games the final boss like … huh what the hell? That's all. We, gamers need epic final bosses please.

  5. If I had to take a shot, I would say that this entire thing was an episode in her head. NPC's that she empathizes with immediately, documents and portraits actively changing, Dylan being in a coma. Either she's been publicly branded a lunatic and we're tagging along as she recounts her mental episode, or while she was branded a lunatic, all of this somehow happened and there really is more to reality. If it's something like the second one, then yeah, Sam Lake can't write for shit since that is incredibly cliche and amateur in approach. If it's the first one, then Sam Lake still can't write for shit since this entire thing boils down to a psych patient struggling to gain control over her demons, with maybe a touch of legitimate paranormal events.

    Glad I didn't buy this. Ridiculous PC requirements, kind of basic operations pallet (demonstrated by this guy beating the end of the game with virtually no upgrades), and a story that either demands a bit more explanation or is just amateur in approach. Summary: not worth the money.

  6. Not ashamed to admit I came to watch what happens after the final fight. Way too frustrating and kept getting to the end and getting one-shot and having to do the WHOLE THING over and over. Nope… not worth my time. Especially after seeing it's only for like a 20 second cut scene.

  7. When the credits started rolling i thought what? what a crappy ending, then as the text distorted i knew it wasn't the end, played on for a bit more and, nope still a crappy ending.

  8. Bad choice for a preview image, since this video shows up among normal results when looking for "control game" for people who might just want to look at the game.


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