Control – Remedy Entertainment Studio Tour by Jesse Faden

Jesse Faden does a mini tour of the new Remedy Entertainment offices

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Control is scheduled to release in 2019 for PS4/PS4 Pro, Xbox One/Xbox One X, PC (digital only).



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30 thoughts on “Control – Remedy Entertainment Studio Tour by Jesse Faden”

  1. Thanks for the game guys, bought it day one and dlc all day one because I trusted what u would bring. People need to play it now it's such a gem and welldone. I salute u guys.

  2. I have already finished Quantum Break and now enjoying Control. These guys know how to make good action games. Like really, this are the only games where the action is so cool and fast that you can't physically get bored, though to be honest, the map system in Control is a bit hard I mean to realize how to get to the point that you should be in, but still a great game.

  3. Lol it’s not “about you” the character is modeled after your similarities, like in Quantum Break and Alan Wake.

  4. I'm Literaly playing this game at the time I'm posting this. And I love this game so much. Perfect balance between challenges, combat, skill, and graphics. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars

  5. ahHA so it WAS performance capture………

    …..or was it…..
    [sudden sounds of a phone ringing in the distance]

    also I LOVE THIS GAME…im playing it currently (just about to make it out of The Clocks)

  6. Really enjoyed this game. It was like a cross between the X-Files and The Shining. It basically Implies that Jesse is an INFJ. What I found funny was… 
    She has all these powers except her intuition… The foundation of an INFJ… When having the conversations with others…
    She wasn't constantly thinking… "Woah… what was that"… When someone pauses between words. Or their eyes go wider when you say a specific word… Etc.. Etc…"
    She should be constantly cross referencing these reactions and words with the multiple conversations she's having with all the key figures.

    If they make sequels they could "Go out" to investigate small American towns and each sequel could be like a cross between other freaky games like Silent Hill and Heavy Rain.
    And to find out what really happened compared to the official reports she has to find an object from an approx year to go back in time…
    Like drive around in an old 1950's Buick Roadmaster to go to a specific time in the 50's. Then play a record from a 1960's Jukebox to get to a year in the 60"s… Etc… Etc.

    As long as they use a different mix of influences for each sequel. But keep the premise as X-Files meets The Shining and no quicker than every 3 years they could be on to a winner.
    This is the 1st game since Heavy Rain/Beyond/Detroit… Where I really hope they make sequels.


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