create a Quiz Website using PHP and MySQL [ Online Quiz System in PHP Project with Source Code ]

Welcome Developers, We will see How to create an online quiz website using PHP and MySQL [Online quiz system project in PHP with Source Code] in Hindi. Here is the LINK

if you guys are thinking about how can I create simple quiz website or web-based quiz application then you are in the right tutorials. In this tutorials we are gonna learn how you can create quiz website using PHP and MySQL.

We will create a Database then we will insert all the value in the database. Then we will create a login and registration page then we will write a PHP code to get all the values from database and show it on our website. Then we will write a code that will check how to count the radio button click by the user and also check the correct answers count and at last, we will store the username and the total answers of the user that are correct.

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37 thoughts on “create a Quiz Website using PHP and MySQL [ Online Quiz System in PHP Project with Source Code ]”

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  2. भाई साब, मै नेपाल से हुँ, मैने आपका भिडियो बहुतबार देखि और प्राक्टिस भि कि। लेकिन सबि बार score १ हि होता हे। आपके भिडियो मे कुछ छुटा तो नहि? हो सके ते हेल्प दिजिय।

  3. you can find a master PHP quiz maker here
    with a Random Question generator, and no repeating questions.
    it's easy to use

  4. Please make personality assessment quiz in which result shows on the behalf of whatever user selected values and quiz result send to user email I'd. Plz make vedio on this and help me out.

  5. Can u send me the source code and database file plzzzzzzzzz

    It's urgent I have to complete my clg project so plzzzz sir

    My email id

    Sir its my humble reqst to u

  6. sir online quiz project mai side mai ek window kese banate hai plzzz bata dijiye mareko mere project mai banani hai plzz sir

  7. Brother…in this file we didn't get database file…. please can you provide brother 😊..
    Thanks in advance

  8. <?php



    print_r ($selected);

    $q="select * from questions";

    $checked=$rows['ans_id']== $selected[$i] ;

    echo "</br> total true". $result;


  9. sir side mai ek window kese banate hai? jis pr sare questions aate hai ….
    sir plzzzzz bta dijiye mera project hai online quiz

  10. Can anyone explain the logic behind comparison of selected answer and ans_id of last page?
    What is $i do in $checked=$rows['ansid']==$selected[$i];


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