[DeokspatchX(덕스패치X)] Ep.2 Running-Goo(런닝구)_MONSTA X(몬스타엑스) [ENG/CHN SUB]

[DeokspatchX(덕스패치X)] Ep.2 Running-Goo(런닝구)_MONSTA X(몬스타엑스) [ENG/CHN SUB]

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[DeokspatchX episode.2] Running-Goo
MONSTA X Entertainment lv.10000 Project! The second challenge is Running Man!!
A breathtaking chase of Red team VS Blue team VS X-Man!!
From timid MINHYUK, the toilet fairy, to HYUNGWON, who change into a strong character for the name tag!
Also, a great performance of I.M. who became the idol of betrayal… Who will be the final winner of Running-Goo?

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[DeokspatchX 第二期]跑“内”
MONSTA X综艺分数万分项目!第二期,他们挑战的就是“跑男”
红色队 VS 蓝色队 VS X man(内奸)进行令人窒息的追击战!

[덕스패치X 2화] 런닝구
몬스타엑스의 예능 만렙 달성 프로젝트! 그 두 번째 도전은 런닝맨!!
레드팀VS블루팀VSX맨의 숨막히는 추격전!!
화장실 요정 소심 민혁부터 이름표 앞에서 쎈케로 변하는 형원!
그리고 배신엠으로 등극한 I.M의 활약까지… 과연? 런닝구의 최종 우승자는?

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49 thoughts on “[DeokspatchX(덕스패치X)] Ep.2 Running-Goo(런닝구)_MONSTA X(몬스타엑스) [ENG/CHN SUB]”

  1. 기혀나 왜쾌 귀엽니 블루 두명 듀것는데 아엠 어케 블루야ㅠㅠㅠ 으이 귀효니 살고 등치들 먼저 주것네 똑똑한거애 뭐애 레드 아엠 허니 채씨

  2. Blue lost because they weren't serious. Wonho gone for the coffee, Shownu didn't want to risk his hand, only Kihyun was serious about the game.

  3. I.M is the best! I like his strategy. Now I seem to started fully understand why he is #1 in most of popularity rates.

  4. I really wish if Monsta X could be on running man, Shownu with Sistar members were there so
    I wish there could there as a team

  5. 기현이 역시 기대를 져버리지 않는다 카드를 18개를 찾았어ㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜 뭐든 열심히 해 와중에 셔누 무해해 1개 찾은거 개귀여움

  6. Minhyuk’s game strategy has gotten more intense since this game— he’s figured out how to get himself out of trouble, especially in Monsta X-Ray 🤣

  7. After 5 years,Running Man still didnt invite Monsta X 😭😭😭
    I really want to see wonho and shownu take down kim jong kook


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