DnD5eTV – Overview of the Game Master 5th Edition App for iPad

Our first video for DnD5eTV. This is the companion video channel for our podcast. In this episode I offer a brief overview of the Game Master 5 from Lion’s Den.

There were a few updates that disabled functionality for the Bestiary and the DM reference, but you can go HERE for the file:

Just use the import button on the DM reference screen, locate the file, and with a couple clicks, you can import the info. Do the same for the Beastiary.

Here’s a link for the app in the iTunes store:


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26 thoughts on “DnD5eTV – Overview of the Game Master 5th Edition App for iPad”

  1. Can you please make an updated version of this video? For some reason when I try to import the files is says "unable to parse files. Please Verify that your file format is valid."

  2. Hello, thank you for this short tutorial. I bought this app and I imported a bunch of files, many thanks! I would like to know if I can import campaigns or encounters and if yes, if you can point me in any direction.

  3. Our family just got Lost Mine of Phandelver and we newbies quickly figured out that we needed help. I found the game master app and it seems to be what I need to guide the game along, but I need a walkthrough of how to set up a campaign, or import one from a dropbox, etc. Any such videos out there?

  4. Have you found very many sites that are sharing files for either game master 5e or fight club 5? How long does it take to get everything setup for a campaign. do you have to type in everything yourself or is there a way to import from some source?

  5. Couple of questions:
    How do you delete an encounters from your campaign?
    Is there a way to modify a PC initiative? Some classes add other modifiers to initiative, or have advantage in it.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Is there a way to edit initiative? One of my PCs has an ability that allows him to use his CHA modifier in addition to his DEX modifier.

  7. Not sure where else to ask this question, but between encounters, how do you "heal" the PCs that take damage? This app and d20 FC app does such a good (and usually intuitive) job on its features, but I'm having a hard time with this. (Besides manually editing their health by calculating and adding the right amount.)

  8. Hey man, thanks for reviewing this. I'm a player trying to lure my DM back. This is gonna help alot:-)
    Like the channel so far. Are you also on the DM's Craft forum?

  9. So how do you get the Characters in there? I had my players email me the XML files from D20 Fight Club…but I get an error when I try to import them.

  10. Okay, I like the channel, I like this first video…but I HATE the intro and outro music! Its incredibly jarring and obnoxious. Still, this looks like a really promising channel. You knew what you were talking about and communicated very clearly. Keep up the good work!


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