Docker for PHP Developers

Docker is an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. It gives programmers, development teams and operations engineers the common toolbox they need to take advantage of the distributed and networked nature of modern applications.

During this webinar Chris Tankersley, the author of the book Docker for Developers and a PHP Community member, shared with us how to make it easier to build, test, and deploy distributed applications with Docker. In this webinar you can learn what containers are, how to work with them, how they can help you as a developer, and how to make Docker work directly with PhpStorm.

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18 thoughts on “Docker for PHP Developers”

  1. right after explaining how you use a seperate container just for data, I realize docker has released 17 versions.. I was wondering if you still prefer this method?

  2. A quick note for Docker Native users on Windows10: you can't acces the container via direct IP from the host machine as Chris does at 40:14 on his ubuntu host. So you will have to use -p 8080:80 option to be able to acces your web_server container.
    More on the subject here:

  3. Anyone know how to start container and bind data directory so Phpstorm able to edit files?
    I can't find the way to do that

  4. Thank you very much for making this video. Very concise and clear, it has been the Docker intro video I've been waiting for. Will be spending some time tomorrow to drop my Virtualbox / SSHFS setup; this makes it look as clunky as it really is

  5. I loved the video for a general introduction to Docker. What I was looking for, though, was a tutorial on, for example, set up a small PHP project with PHPStorm and Docker. Like how to set up a web server container, a PHP container, a data container and how I can map my files into the whole composition during development and then copy the files into a data container for production deployment. Last but not least I was also looking for on how to set up all of that in a way that is easily committable to git and as such shareable across the whole team.

    But from what I read in the comments below, it sounds like there might be coming something like that in the (hopefully near) future.

  6. I was hoping to learn more about docker integration on PhpStorm. Especially setting up xdebug, unit testing, etc

  7. Thanks, Chris, a lot for the video. It helped me to grasp some Docker conceptions. But I still can't decide for myself whether Docker is ready for development on Windows or not. E.g, I tried to replicated your examples with Nginx images with no luck. I tried D:Users…, //d/Users/…, /d/Users/…, "D:Users…" to map host directory to a container's one, but Nginx displayed its default welcome page. Every time I jumped into container with `$ docker exec -it <container_name> bash` and found out that both /etc/nginx/conf.d and /var/www directories did not contain any files from host machine. Then I decided to use more advanced, Docker volumes, way. It's OK but how can I let my PhpStorm look into that volume?

  8. Actually, in the Dockerfile, you need to clean/remove the apt cache file in the same instruction as you do the update/install, because docker will create a layer for each one of Dockerfile instructions, and the layers are readonly (or more precisely the stack is mounted in as a COW).

  9. Hey Chris nice video,
    How you edited the index page, i am unable to find nano, vi in my container, and not even apt-get ?


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