DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE… | Nighttime Visitor

Someone’s calling… you better not answer the phone…
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37 thoughts on “DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE… | Nighttime Visitor”

  1. I think your A guy and if he gets you he turns into a new version of Alex as he turns into you by taking over your body and when you call again in his world you get let free and Alex as human has to escape and it repeats u till one escaped

  2. So if anyone else has heard about that YouTuber who claimed Mark was suing him for false claims about his video and when he called him Mark “apparently” kept yelling “it was a bunch of lies”…yeah

  3. 7:27
    You should watch Russian Film "Чародеи" ("Tcharodei" – or "Mages" in English) – there too was a Character, who couldn't get out of the building because of the illogical signs. 🙂

  4. When I am walking towards my room from another room at night in the dark I feel like someone is following me but no one is following me it's my imagination

  5. I’m thinking taht..the person he is playing as,drew a picture of Alex when he was little,but he probably lost it or threw it away,fast forward to a couple years later,The perso-imma just call him dan,Dan,is working at a office while on a night shift,Alex PROBABLY came back to seek ReVeNgE and now the game starts here?idk if I’m right I’m just guessing. ;^;

  6. Player: Hey yeah, I’m just working late.

    Also player: proceeds to walk around the office for 12 minutes and 20 seconds 😂

  7. ive had 2 experiences by the same spirit i was about 5 or six i was trying to sleep i was going to get up the there was a grim reaper like figure in my closet so i put my blankets over my head my 2nd experience was i moved in to another room about a year or 2 latter one night i was sleeping i woke up and saw it agin and i did the same thing ive never seen it sence


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