Ep 28: Rage Card Game Review (International Games 1983)

How to play the 1983 trick taking card game Rage.

Based on the widely-known card game Oh Hell!, players use the deck of zero through fifteen in six suits to bid for a particular number of tricks and then subsequently take exactly that many. Each game consists of ten hands, with the hand size shrinking by one each time, until the final one-card hand. Along the way, trump is randomly determined and can be changed during the hand through the use of special cards. There are also special cards that make the trump not count for a trick, others that can be declared any suit and value when played, and others that will give bonuses or penalties for taking the trick on which they’re played. A newer version of this game was released by Amigo in 2000.

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8 thoughts on “Ep 28: Rage Card Game Review (International Games 1983)”

  1. I reckon this game just play like uno but just make up new ideas for the wild cards. Write down physical challenges or similar uno ideas. Even maybe a dice or spinning wheel concept.

  2. Thank you! This seems similar to Rook which I also just learned. I'm so unfamiliar with this type of game but I finally get it!

  3. Is this a good 2 player game? Another YT video said its not good unless you play 3 or more. Dont want to waste money buying. Could you take the bidding out of the game and just capture cards?

  4. There's a [Swedish?] game of cards, that has both the same "guess the amount of tricks" and decending order and the point system. It's either called "Beredskap" or "Plump", and it's played with an ordinary deck of cards. One of my favourites!


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