Expedition Tier 3 Gameplay and Rewards (Jukebox Location and more) | Control DLC

Here is my Tier 3 Expedition Run for the new “DLC” for Control. Hope it helps ya guys!

Expeditions FAQ

Q: What are Expeditions?
A: Expeditions are a challenging new game mode, free for all owners of Control. In this mode, Jesse goes to a dangerous part of the Black Rock Quarry Threshold, where she must fight off the Hiss in four different arenas and pass a variety of challenges in a set time limit.
Q: Do I need to own Control to be able to play Expeditions?
A: Yes. Expeditions is available as part of the December update to Control on all platforms.
Q: How do I unlock Expeditions?
A: Expeditions become available once you have completed the main mission My Brother’s Keeper. This is the sixth mission in the main story, where you gain the Levitation ability.
There will be a Jukebox Token to pick up in Central Executive, and after a conversation with Arish, Jesse will go find the mysterious Formation for the first time. Following that mission, you can play Expeditions whenever you like, if you have a Jukebox Token.
Q: How do I get Jukebox Tokens?
A: You get Jukebox Tokens by completing Bureau Alerts, Board Countermeasures, and by defeating named enemies. Jukebox Tokens are also craftable at Control Points. Every time you complete an Expedition, you will also get one or more Tokens as a reward, depending on the difficulty tier.
Q: Where is the Jukebox?
A: The Jukebox is in Central Executive, close to the Control Point and right of the Sector Elevator.
Q: Where do Expeditions take place?
A: Expeditions take place in a Threshold area somehow connected to the Black Rock Quarry, where the Bureau has found a mysterious structure called the Formation. There are four “islands”, and each island has a different challenge for Jesse to overcome.
Q: What different challenges will I have to pass in the four arenas?
A: The four arenas contain four different challenges. You can do them in whichever order you like. To successfully pass the Expedition, you need to complete all four challenges within the time limit. The challenges are: recover biometric logs from dead Rangers, cleanse three broadcast plates, burn Hiss-corrupted material in the incinerator, and retrieve lost specimen data. Some of these require you to defeat all Hiss in an area before you can proceed, in others Jesse will need to locate something in the environment and interact with it (the dead rangers, the Hiss-corrupted material), or capture an area back from the Hiss.
Q: What kind of rewards do I get if I complete an Expedition?
A: When you successfully complete an Expedition, you receive powerful rewards: rare mods and crafting materials, and mods that are unique to the Expeditions mode and can’t be obtained in any other way. You will also receive a new outfit for Jesse when you complete Tier 3 of Expeditions for the first time.
Q: How should I prepare for Expeditions?
A: We encourage you to have all the abilities unlocked and to have them as upgraded as possible in order to have the best experience. You should also make sure you have Service Weapon upgrades and plenty of mods to choose from.
Q: How long is one Expedition?
A: Every Expedition lasts 25 minutes. If you don’t complete the Expedition within the time limit, you get pulled out of the Quarry and returned to the Jukebox.
Q: Can I fail an Expedition?
A: Yes. If the timer runs out, you are returned to the Jukebox in Central Executive and lose your Jukebox Token. If you die, you get returned to the Formation and your progress in the current arena is reset.
Q: What are the different Expedition tiers?
A: Expeditions have three different tiers. The first tier is the least challenging, and the third tier is the most challenging one. Every Expedition tier has different modifiers that affect Jesse and the enemies differently. Tier 1 has one modifier, Tier 2 has two, and Tier 3 has three modifiers.
Q: How do I unlock different Expedition tiers?
A: When you start Expeditions for the first time, only Tier 1 will be available. After successfully completing Tier 1 once, Tier 2 will unlock. The Expedition tiers unlock sequentially.
Q: How big is the Expeditions update?
A: The Expeditions update should be around 2GB in size, but this may vary slightly depending on the platform.


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32 thoughts on “Expedition Tier 3 Gameplay and Rewards (Jukebox Location and more) | Control DLC”

  1. Does anyone know what song plays on the loading screen of the Jukebox, I have found absolutely no information on it and nothing pops up when you try to Shazam it (identify the song using a song identifying tool). It plays at 1:07 but the editing cut most of it out.

  2. I cant manage to complete the third difficulty, so i abandoned that shitty mode completely. Grind token for a time based arena mode. Great, just great padding. What for? For cool random generated stuff. Totally worth the time…

  3. How the hell do you get all the extra ‘fits. I’m still rockin civi gear and I feel like I’m pretty deep into game. Maybe not..maybe game is much longer than I think.

  4. Fuckin jukebox couldnt find the damn thing, this game has the worst navigation info, most of the gameplay Im wandering around searching for shit

  5. Very Nice Game Play. You make it look so easy. I'm still stuck at Tier 2. Expeditions are very difficult. It's the timer that kills me everytime.

  6. For playing this dlc u should find the token in the Central Executive area ? Right?
    I watched the gameplays and i know where it is
    But it doesn’t appear in my game
    I already finished the game and “My Brother’s Keeper” mission
    Should I unlock/upgrade all my skills ?
    Maybe that’s the reason?

  7. I was stuck on Tier 2, having barely gotten past Tier 1, but thanks to your video I cleared Tier 2 pretty easily, and then I completed Tier 3 on my first try. Thanks, Abyx Gaming!

  8. Thanks! Plenty of subtle hints in there (falling off the edge of the island) and thanks for the list of mods! I’ve been playing the islands in a different order & while I use seize pretty liberally I’ve never used the accelerator. It makes a huge difference!

  9. Finished my Tier III last night, fifth attempt. Twice, I just ran out of time on the final boss, which sucked. Last time, 22 mins, very tense, died one time on the furnace island due to poor crowd control. The only gripe was farming elements to get more tokens when I failed T3 attempt, that really sucked a big time.

  10. Finally did it! The shit was tense, and I performed poorly, but I managed to complete Tier 3.

    Now I can just enjoy the new outfit.

  11. I just beat tier 3. I really don't like the token system. If you have already done everything in the game except the DLC, you don't want to have to grind the base game for the privilege of playing the DLC. It would be like in Dark Souls if you had to pay souls to go into the DLC, and if you died, you had to pay souls again to retry.

  12. Thanks for the video! Interesting that they gave you such a massive buff (100% energy recovery) on the hardest difficulty.

  13. Holy crap this is the hardest sh*t! I tried Tier 1 and died so many times that i lost half of my money. I don't think i will play again but i still have a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking. If you die during the boss fight with the distorted will it reset all progress? What is that unique mod you got at the end? The one on the left? Do mission modifiers really change if you fail and have to start a new one?

    Mission modifiers:
    -75% Player Weapon Damage
    +75% Enemy Weapon Accuracy
    +100 Player Energy Recovery

    Full Ability Tree Maxed Out

    Personal Mods:
    Shield Efficiency V (-19%)
    Seize Accelerator V (+91%)
    Launch Efficiency V (-25%)

    Weapon Forms:
    – Consecutive Kills Boost V (+120% damage after a kill)
    – Damage Boost III (+43% damage)
    – Damage Boost III (+38% damage)

  15. If you fail a mission for a tier, do you have to re-purchase tokens? Or are each token as good as one try?


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