Explode String to Array

Tutorials : Learn PHP & MySQLi From Scratch with 5 Projects

PHP is a server side scripting language which is used to create dynamic websites and web applications, it’s most important language now a days in Web Development. MySQLi is a database management system which is also used with PHP to store text information. In this course you’ll learn PHP & MySQLi from scratch with projects.

Chapter 1 PHP & MySQLi Basics
Introduction to PHP & MySQLi
Installing XAMPP & Notepad++
Basic PHP Syntax
Echo & Print Statements
Local Variables
Global Variables
PHP Arrays
Data Types
If and Else Statements
PHP Loops
PHP Functions
Include and Require
Get and Post Methods
PHP Mail Function
PHP Filters
Creating Files in PHP
PHP Errors Handling
Image Upload in PHP
Special PHP Commands

Chapter 2
Introduction to MySQLi
MySQLi Establishing Connection
MySQLi Inserting Data to Table
MySQLi Fetching Data from Table
MySQLi Deleting Data from Table
MySQLi Editing Data in Table
MySQLi Updating Data in Table
MySQLi Order By & Limit

Chapter 3 Calculator & Converter in PHP (Projects)
Creating a Calculator in PHP (1)
Creating a Calculator in PHP (2)
Creating a Currency Converter in PHP (1)
Creating a Currency Converter in PHP (2)

Chapter 4 Registration Form with Admin Panel
Registration Form – The Basics
Registration Form – HTML Work
Registration Form – Validating the Form
Registration Form – Validating the form
Registration Form – Inserting Users into Table
Registration Form – Admin Panel View Users
Registration Form – Admin Panel Delete Users
Registration Form – Admin Panel Editing Users
Admin Panel – Login-Logout

Chapter 5 Voting System in PHP (Project)
Creating a Voting System in PHP (1)
Creating a Voting System in PHP (2)
Creating a Voting System in PHP (3)
Object Oriented Programming in PHP (OOP)

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7 thoughts on “Explode String to Array”

  1. But in the first line, $likes ='eating, drinking, the gym, nothing';
    how do we connect with the database? I am new to this.

  2. Hi, nice tutorial. But I just want to know how to get the data in database the row likes.

    Like this

    $query = mysqli_query("SELECT * FROM users");

    $likes = $row['likes'];

    How to do like that?

  3. @ about 4:06 when you echo out echo explode(' , ', $likes); php tells you that you have an array without any notices. When I do it, I get the notice(which still tells me it's an array, but just wondering why you dont get the same notice?): Notice: Array to string conversion in C:xampphtdocsPHP_ROOTmyphplearning_phparrays.php on line 214

  4. what if we want to format and insert this particular record in which likes = "eating, drinking, the gym, nothing" again in db. and format it in such a way that this whole record break down into four records. all the field must remain exactly same except that now the 1st record Likes column will contain 'eating' , second record Like column wil contain 'drinking', third record like column wil contain 'the gym' and fourth record Like column wil contain 'nothing'


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