Fat Mario Bros

The video is part of the new research of the artist who uses visual language as the world
of Retro Game. Through a video digital animation Gianfranco Pulitano reworks the location
of the famous Mario Bros in his first and original version of the Nintendo video game. In
the video, Mario, after passing safely the first level of the game, is suddenly catapulted into
a “Fast Food” but continues to play as scheduled without realizing that he’s quickly
fattening. After the tunnel short cut he is inside the castle where he can finally save Peach,
but his obesity will cause some inconvenience …

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36 thoughts on “Fat Mario Bros”

  1. This video explains it all: if you want to stay fit, avoid McDonald’s at all costs. Or else “I’m Loving It” will be replaced with “I’m Lugging It”.

  2. +8, And +9 Were Not Used In “Kg Gain”!

    +6 Was Once, And There Were Several +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +7, And +10!

    And The Triple Burgers Ends With “90 Kg”! (1 = 90… 2 = 190… And 3 = 290!) <—> 58, 159, And 262 Were The 3 Number Of Kilograms That Mario Had Before Eating Those! (They Also Add 10 To The “McDonald’s Happy Meal’s Food”?)

    58 Kg (4) … 90 Kg (14) <—> +32

    159 Kg (35) … 190 Kg (45) <—> +31

    262 Kg (61) … 290 Kg (71) <—> +28

    110 Pounds (50 Kg)… To 704 Pounds (320 Kg)… With 79 “McDonald Points”! (If Took The Last 2 Past The McFlagpole… It Would Be 330 Kg… 81 “McHappyPoints”!) <—> 715 Pounds!

    91 Kg For 3 Triple McDonald’s Burgers… And The Other 179 Kg’s “49 Others”… After All Of That, Peach Refused To Help Mario At The End?! (How Did Mario Skip All The Way From World 1 – 2… All The Way To World 8 – 4, After Going To McDonald’s Anyway?)

    After Mario Weighs 290+ Kg… He Presses The McDonald’s Platforms Down To The Floor? (He Did 2 Of Them, And Got Stuck In World 8 – 4’s Floor?) <—> Where Was Bowser, Why Is There No Lava, And Why Is The Course So Short? (Also, When Does Mario Jump That High To Reach Peach, Anyway?)

  3. 135 lbs
    You look fatter.

    150 lbs
    Overpowered, you look bad.

    175 lbs
    Call a doctor, you would see this next time.

    190 lbs
    You will not eat anymore. This gets crazy.

    215 lbs
    Do not eat too fast, reoriginizations are coming your way!

    240 lbs
    Think about this fat. You could not eat too much. Better luck next time!

  4. I've noticed a couple of weird things in this video. First off, the movement looked a little slow and also in level 2, I heard the Popeye theme. 😕

  5. 2010:
    2012: account created in the right time were YouTube was creative
    2019: FI


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