Foreach Loop [#27] Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Lecture 27: Foreach Loop

The Foreach Loop! This loop is a very popular loop, and is used extensively in database-driven websites. The purpose of a Foreach Loop is to “loop through each key/value pair in an array” (w3schools).

The syntax looks like so:

foreach ($array as $value) {

// execute code


Basically, here’s what happens during each loop iteration:

Assign value of current array element to $value
$value is echoed on the screen
The array pointer then moves to the next element within the array
Repeat from beginning until final array element
Let’s use a real-world example of how to use a Foreach Loop:

// We need to create an array

// Let’s resurrect our array of moustaches

$moustaches = array(“Handlebar”, “Salvador Dali”, “Fu Manchu”);

// Loop through the $moustaches array

foreach ($moustaches as $moustache) {

// Output each individual value

echo “I love the $moustache. “;


If coded correctly, this should echo the three moustaches in the array on your screen.



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