GAME PHYSICS GONE WRONG! (Reddit Game Physics)

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49 thoughts on “GAME PHYSICS GONE WRONG! (Reddit Game Physics)”

  1. When I saw game physics, it reminded me when I try to play fortnight I hop in and I immediately started to glitch out and could only move sideways and I ended up inside a large rock and moved from the 56th person to the 20th person before I was yeeted out from the rock in front of someone, who shot 12 times before he killed me.

    Edit: I forgot to say I was playing on my new HP laptop and I swear to god I thought my laptop almost caught on fire if I didn't by luck uninstalled the game 😂😅.

  2. I am getting real nostalgia from the music as it’s in the game “Feel the magic” for DS and I played it for hours and now it’s stuck in my head again 😂

  3. Damn, didn't realize Red Dead was such a goldmine for moments like these….
    Good sh*t, every single one. 🤣

  4. Oh dude you should play the game with the spider robot (which is called a Guardian btw). . .
    Its a beautiful game called The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


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