Hide .php extensions, Custom url for PHP pages with parameters, htaccess

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11 thoughts on “Hide .php extensions, Custom url for PHP pages with parameters, htaccess”

  1. Useful information…..
    can you give me your contact number or email…. I need some help with my site .htaccess

  2. This is very use full video but i have one doubt how to pass parameter in dynamically in header location for ex : (<script>window.location='demo.php?id=<?php echo $id?>'</script>) but i need solutions for : ( demo/1 ) give me the solutions for this question.

  3. How to set
    when hit url
    localhost/about.php to localhost/about

    Because if we hit localhost/about.php it is doesn't change to localhost/about

  4. Sir please tell me if I go for details page through title and I want title as URL without detail-page.php then what will I do for …..for ex. I am on blog.php page which have dynamic link like blog-detail.php? title=<?= $result['title']; ?> And I want to show title only in URL …… please sir tell me


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