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okay now I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the game if they’re being repeated so I’m going to try to answer them in a video and hear as well one question was can you get a familiar the answer to

that is yes you can it happens in the series will happen in the game next question will you have a master answer yes you will have a master when you first start up the game you will be replacing issei

you could play as him if you want he would be a difficult character which is this will also answer another question is there character creation yes there is character creation will you be able to

play as a different class answer yes devil class Fallen Angel class Angel class hero class which is basically the humans and finally the vampire class will there be hybrids answer yes there will be

hybrids remember what I said if it happens in the series it will happen in the game will the game ecchi answer that is my attempt I want to get it where the rated M version of the game has everything

the same as the anime if I cannot because of censorship guidelines then I will have the game made in two different versions censored and uncensored don’t blame me blame the countries stuffy Basterds

LOL sorry to throw in a joke anyway I’m word to the next question I usually get can I have a harem answer yes you most certainly can any girl that is single in the anime is eligible for Romance and yes

there will be some custom characters only for the anime in here because of the different classes that is not in the Canon story in fact I had a trophy/ achievement specifically for this if you romance

25 if you romance 25 of the girls in this game you get it it unlocked I am the harem king here’s another question I frequently get it will the game have voices the answer for now is I want to have

the game fully voiced it will be the last thing I do well finishing up the game because of how expensive it is in other words it may or may not be in the game I want it to be in the game so I’m

trying if I should see the game will be fully voice no reading there will be subtitles of course and text for choices but I’m sure you get what I mean by no reading next question I typically get what

platform will the game be on answer PC and Playstation 4 okay that’s it for now I will answer more questions on a video or during a live stream thank you for your patience and

keep on asking me questions and giving me your own opinions

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  1. Okay for anybody has comments new on this video I will say this this game is currently on pause until we get permission to work on the game they said we needed to be a company so that's what I've been working towards so we can do this proper I will be replying comments only by video from now on due to hackers apparently been able to get your account by replying to their comments or Harding or liking their comments I made a video about it just earlier today I'm going to also put in Honey in screen delete people into what's going on with the DxD project have not given up on the game but it has to be on pause until we're considered a company have so much original work done I might even have to pay them to allow me to make the game this will take time there will be a video update when the game is no longer on pause thank you for reading my pin comment and for clarification when the game is finished though full copy rights of the game will go to the studio and the author that will be signed in contract that's been the plan from the beginning

  2. We encourage you so you can finish the game on your time. from high school dxd so we can help you in the game

  3. My 3rd time watching this video and something hit me like a jolt out of the blue and while my friends may think this nothing legit I have to give the benefit of the doubt. Now something like this is a huge game and an expensive project and if successful pull of everything and get the green light for everything could the public get a version of the beta later on down the line and if that dose happen what steps would a person have to take in order to do so


    In the final game will you be able to move up through the Underworld ranks low class to middle class and high class and become your own King with your own peerage despite still being in another King's peerage just like Issei? Also can I have Rias, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Serafall, Rossweisse, Raynare, and Ophis in my in my harem?

  5. By any chance are you also adding in Ddraig, Albion, Fenrir, Midgard Serpent, Fafnir, Regulus, Great Red, and Tannin? if so can you make them huge? like 100+ feet


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