How to get JSON data Array value access || JSON Basics

JSON Course covers everything from start to finish to get you using JSON quickly!
•Learn the basics of JSON
•JSON structure data of delivery
•basics of JavaScript object data
•using Json data in your HTML pages
•object data from JSON
•Learn how to access external files
•output object data and return data
•Access return data
•the of looping return data
•creating Dynamic PHP JSON
•contact access to PHP Json files
•and a whole lot more

Lecture 1 JSON Basics course introduction

Lecture 2 JSON basics course setup and resources

Lecture 3 JSON Basics JSON Schema structure

Lecture 4 JSON Basics Object Data

Lecture 5 JSON Basics Get JSON data to HTML page

Lecture 6 JSON Basics JSON data Array value access

Lecture 7 JSON Basics output objects update JSON objects

Lecture 9 JSON Basics nesting objects in JavaScript

Lecture 10 JSON Basics create .json file with data

Lecture 11 JSON Basics AJAX call to JSON file to return data as object

Lecture 12 JSON Basics AJAX to cross domain JSON files

Lecture 13 JSON Basics Cross Domain AJAX JSON requests

Lecture 14 JSON Basics JSON multiple objects within JSON files

Lecture 15 JSON Basics looping multiple object items to return on HTML

Lecture 16 JSON Basics PHP JSON data

Lecture 17 JSON Basics PHP arrays encode as JSON data

Lecture 18 JSON Basics Dynamic Content from PHP


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14 thoughts on “How to get JSON data Array value access || JSON Basics”

  1. I got the data json using XMLHttpRequest('get','data.json',true) and stored in jsonData
    converted it into javascript object
    jsObj = JSON.parse(jsonData)
    I log id and got

    city: "New York"

    postalCode: "10021-3000"

    state: "NY"

    streetAddress: "21 2nd Street"

    __proto__: Object

    age: 25

    children: Array(0)

    length: 0

    __proto__: Array(0)

    firstName: "John"

    isAlive: true

    lastName: "Smith"

    phoneNumbers: Array(2)


    number: "212 555-1234"

    type: "home"

    __proto__: Object


    number: "645 555-4567"

    type: "office"

    __proto__: Object

    length: 2

    __proto__: Array(0)

    spouce: null

    In the browsers console it shows
    jsObj.phoneNumbers is an Array
    but when I ask wether it is an array or not it says it is an ojb
    console.log(typeof(jsObj.phoneNumber)) //ouput: Object
    console.log(typeof(jsObect.phoneNumber ==='array')) //output: false

    Can someone explain why this happens?
    The data is the same as the tutorial used here, just by another name 🙂

  2. I'm with a problem to get my attribute from JSON in C#, I don't know why, but my Id attribute is like "@id" on JSOn. Even ur video doesn't help me, it is a pretty good video. Thanks!!

  3. I get openweather JSON array in it's callback function – 'test'. How do I retrieve from here, as the javascript seems to fail.

    Here is what I receive –

    (notice the test() around)

  4. hi there
    how to extract something from json file which is written as follows:
    "end.time":"2016-11-01T23:59:00-04:00", or

  5. Let's say that I want to retrieve data from a JSON file because I don't want JSON format on my JS file, how do I retrieve the data?

    Good tutorial BTW!


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