How to get MacOS Theme on Windows | MacOS On Windows 10 | MacOS Catalina on Windows 10

In this video I have shown you how to convert any Windows OS to MacOS (macOS theme) without any Data loss by using this method you can change your user interface of Windows operating systems to all new Mac operating systems if you like this video please SUBSCRIBE to this channel

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How to get Windows 10 in Any Windows Version (i.e win 7/8.1/8 ) within 140MB

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(Recommended for Win 7)

☆ Another Link If You Face Any Error


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27 thoughts on “How to get MacOS Theme on Windows | MacOS On Windows 10 | MacOS Catalina on Windows 10”

  1. Dude I got a problem: everything works except for the icons on file explorer the red green and yellow buttons

  2. it dose not work I click innstall and I wait 6 minutes but its just a black screen 🙁 you just lost a sub :(((((

  3. Doesnt work on windows 10. He himself does it on windows 7. But the title says otherwise. It take a life time to fully boot and half of the things doesnt work

  4. hi again! i just downloaded it, but it doesn’t have the three dots on the left of the window. it has the windows 10 one? how do i fix that?

  5. hey! just wondering does this save all your files from windows 10, or completely does it fresh? please let me know asap

  6. This video is fake af. If you look at his start menu after the MacOS theme installation, it suddenly changed into Windows 7.
    Therefore, clearly this theme is only 100% working for Windows 7 and NOT WINDOWS 10. I mean, it works for windows 10 but you don't get the very similar look to MacOS like how it does when you have Windows 7.

  7. My windows 10 computer seems to have not changed everything with this theme. For example the option to close the window and minimize the window are still just normal windows format not the green yellow and red format from Mac. Anyway to fix this?


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