Interface in PHP for beginners with Examples – OOP in PHP | Part 8

The following video explains what is an interface, how to create and implement it in PHP.
We will create a simple interface and implement it.
We will see an interface inheritance.
We will see how to implement multiple interfaces.
We will see constants in an interface.
We will create an abstract class which implements an interface.
In the second part of the video, we will see several real examples of why interfaces are necessary and useful.

Introduction to OOP in PHP –
Creating classes in PHP –
Inheritance in PHP –
Abstract classes in PHP –

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6 thoughts on “Interface in PHP for beginners with Examples – OOP in PHP | Part 8”

  1. Hi Zura! I have learned a lot from your videos but can you please also upload files that you work with. It would be great to review the mechanism in my VS – please attach a link 🙂 Thanks! keep going you do a great job.

  2. That briefcase at the right corner! Typically academic people possess such briefcases, students and professors. So which one are you?!

  3. brother can you explain clear cut explanation on interfaces i understand all the previous lesssons except this. please give me another example

  4. Poor explanation for beginners. You pass the interface to Application.php and explain nothing about the purpose. See 10:40 Basically you explain the How but not the Why in the example.

  5. Howdy, so interfaces are basically "templates". They define what should be in any implementation of them and can be expanded too. Is that right? Matt


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