Javascript How To Convert String To Number Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to learn how to use JavaScript to convert a string to a number.

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The solution to converting between strings and numbers is pretty simple and right off the bat in the tutorial i’ll show you how to use the parseInt JavaScript function to be able to quickly and easily convert from a string to a number.

There’s a bit more to learn however and we’ll cover the following additional topics in the tutorial like:

How to convert string array to number in JavaScript
How to convert comma separated string to number in JavaScript
How to convert string value to number in JavaScript
How to convert a string to a number using JavaScript
How to convert string to float number in JavaScript

Converting strings to floats is a relatively straightforward process as all you need to use is the parseFloat function in JavaScript.

A tricker problem to solve is converting a string with commas to a number in JavaScript. Or a similar issue, is to convert an array of string values to numbers.

As a final wrap up to the tutorial we’ll look at how we can work with these types of strings with commas in and how we can deal with them when converting them to numbers. For example, if you had a string representation of a million, the string might come with commas to separate the units to make it easier to read like: “1,000,000”. We’ll cover how to handle these types of strings.

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