Kaos/Skylanders War Card Game + HUGE Easter Basket Contest (Starter Packs, Battle Pack & More)

We have a lot of Skylanders Goodies to Give Away!
In part 3 of our Easter Skylanders Eggtivities Video, we got a bunch of stuff from Springtime Hot Dog that we already have. 🙂

We do keep the Skylanders Bike, Tackle Box, Qubis, War Card Game (which we play) as well as some Tattoos.

We give away an Xbox One & 3DS Starter Pack. 3 Easter Skylanders, our cousin Ethan took Fryno so we got an extra Fryno for the Subscribers. 🙂
Monopoly, Fiery Forge Battle Pack, Stickers, Pens, Markers (School / Art Suplies), Zoo Lou, Frost Battle Arcade Mega Bloks with Grilla Drilla and Hoot Loop. 🙂 Enjoy!

Eggtivities Videos
1 of 3 – Egg Hunt w/ Whip Cream Dares:
2 of 3 – Easter Skylanders Jelly Bean Spitting Contest:
3 of 3 – Skylanders Sack Hop & Egg Relay Race:

Core Swappers / Tiny Swappers / Sidekicks?:
Kaos Invites Us to Skylanders 4 Announcement:
500 Doom Stones Giveaway in NYC:
Chompy Bot Mega Bloks Build:

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