Laravel Excel – Useful Laravel Packages

We take a look at using the Laravel Excel package which allows you to export your Laravel collections to Excel format. We take a look at some of its export options as well some basic formatting features for the underlying PHP Spreadsheet package.

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24 thoughts on “Laravel Excel – Useful Laravel Packages”

  1. saved life.. Thanks a alot … please make a video how to generate pdf from dynamic content with PAGE NUMBER in laravel.. PAGE NUMBER IS MUST .. from 2 weeks i'm stucked on that

  2. Things I like in this video
    1. Your voice
    2. Your theme (My guess is Ayu Mirage)
    3. Your tutorial which is informative.

  3. How do I use decimal values here? When I open the file it says that is currupted and when is its opened the decimal transforms from 444.99 to 444.99.00

  4. Hey Andre, i have an id & column checkbox in my views. how i can pass the parameter from controller to export model?

    i tried $request method and it says
    ($request) must be compatible with MaatwebsiteExcelConcernsFromCollection::collection()

  5. Thanks Andre
    This may help you gays to get the sum of particular column dynamically

    public function registerEvents(): array


    return [

    AfterSheet::class => function(AfterSheet $event) {

    $event->sheet->setCellValue('E'. ($event->sheet->getHighestRow()+1), '=SUM(E2:E'.$event->sheet->getHighestRow().')');




    Note: in my case the data I want to get the SUM is in "E" Column you can change it as you want


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