Let's Play Corruption 2029 – Ep. 01

Just a quick and simple Let’s Play using some of the leftover footage from my recent overview for Corruption 2029! As usual, it’s just me playing the game for fun, with a dash of off-kilter commentary on the side.

If you want to get a better idea of what Corruption 2029 is like, or you just want to watch me play it, then feel free to give it a look!

I did receive a copy of the game for free, but I’m not otherwise associated with Funcom, Bearded Ladies, or Corruption 2029 in any way. I just love talking about interesting new strategy games!

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17 thoughts on “Let's Play Corruption 2029 – Ep. 01”

  1. I'd like a full playthrough.

    I'm damned torn on this game. If it's only 21 missions, I'll be giving it a miss. If they can add more content, a mod kit, I'll definitely be buying it.

  2. Retcon, I know you do a lot of (and likely enjoy) vid editing but have you considered streaming plays like this, say on Twitch? The presentation here seems like it would work great live: experience the game with you, get your VO on the texts, the odd context/explanation comment from you, maybe even handle the odd question in chat. Might get a few subs and some bits thrown your way. Seems like it would be fun! But not for everyone, I get that too.

    Regardless, thanks for this!

  3. Vr good this mix of turn based with moving freely. But the range of view of enemies should be longer when the enemies are looking to a illuminated area. But this dont make the game bad and Ill buy it.

  4. Did you ever pursue voiceacting professionaly or semi-professionaly? You sure do have a what it takes imo!

  5. If this game takes off I really hope they make a serious dynamic campaign as a DLC or a separate game with that in mind. I understand that making procedurally generated maps is extremely challenging. However, the Wargame series uses handcrafted maps to create scenarios with opposing forces and missions. Maybe it could be solved with a solution like that.


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