Make Windows 10 Look Like MacOS Sierra || UPDATED

macOS Sierra is the latest Apple OS, and its developers undoubtedly did a great job with its design. If you like the Mac look, but you prefer (or afford) Windows, here is how you can make the Microsoft OS have a Mac OS appearance by making the appropriate configurations.

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Create a restore point first – Makes it easier to restore your desktop setup in the future.
•➜The Wallpaper:
•➜The dock:
•➜The Mac OS Sierra Dock:
•➜The Numix Icon Pack:
•➜My Nexus Dock Backup:
•➜The Task icon:
•➜Sierra Menu Bar:

To Uninstall
Use the restore point created earlier to restore your system. (Recommended)
Uninstall Nexus Dock and Rainmeter.

how to make windows 10 look like mac os.
mac os sierra.


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31 thoughts on “Make Windows 10 Look Like MacOS Sierra || UPDATED”

  1. Does the PC performance get worse after installing these things? Like for example I wanna play a game on my pc after making it look like mac. Will it run worse? And btw, can't I just uninstall them all whenver I get bored? Because you wrote on the description that I should make a restore point, is that necesarry for going back to windows10? Thank you for the video by the way, its great! I subscribed

  2. When you want to miimize window or new tab , where they going ? gone ? oh my god they must be run on background and use some ram , right ? ( i,m sorry about my english )


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