Malaysia's Geographic Challenge

Stratfor explains Malaysia’s primary geographic challenge: securing its coast along the Malacca Strait.

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48 thoughts on “Malaysia's Geographic Challenge”

  1. The only indonesians problems have with us is just small matters like cultures n languages n foods..but for philpinines they've never stop saying that they are the legitimate owner of sabah while the sabahans never wants them🤣🤣

  2. The east malaysia which is sabah that's the philippines teritory island not malaysia teritory,first of all malaysia was not belong there in sabah..

  3. Stratfor (DAPIGS)..For the one who's make this video Chinese traitor like you don't claim everything..Just go back to your origin country.We not welcome traitor like you .It Malay country ..Your origin country is Chinese ..People like you is the traitor for both Country Malaysia & Chinese country..What ever people like you go .. you like to claim everything included Us,Malaysia & any country.. People like you is so greedy..We accept your origin to live here because your grandmother/grandfather agree to follow the rule Malay Land (now Malaysia..We not welcome traitor people like you to come to our country (Malay Land)because we a nice people but now became so greedy you want to claim everything in our country..Go fuck yourself communist..You is the poisonous to our country..

  4. These uneducated people in the comments section wanted Malaysia having war with Indonesia, Hopefully it will never be, that’s what Israel wish

  5. I've no problem with geographic , but Malaysia is not safe country for foreigner workers, there are so many risk by local peoples, and its weakness of the government of Malaysia

  6. For everyone's information. Sabah at the northern part of Borneo is a Philippines' territory. British East Indies leased that part of land from the Sultan of Sulu and when Malaysia was formed, these people including Malaysian government never returned the land to the Philippines. And they are also the financiers for terrorist groups that still exists in the Philippines. This is a part of the world where territorial claims are neglected by the international community. The late sultan his Highness Jamalul Kiram died fighting for their rights.

  7. Singapore did not left Malaysia, they were expelled. The only nation in the world who gained independence unwillingly.

  8. Sabah and Sarawak please stop blame peninsular but you guys should Blane the government…if you said sabah andcsarawak produce oil and gas but do you forget peninsularcalso produce oil and gas …two state in peninsular terengganu and Kelantan also was denied their oil and gas by the federal if you keep blame the west Malaysia it also include terengganu and Kelantan ..sabah and Sarawak still get 5% royalties from that resources but Kelantan and terengganu get nothing…so let us unite together as Malaysian and find the solution rather keep blaming each other

  9. the east Malaysia should remain untouched because it is rich with amazing ecosystem..over development can actually harm the wild life and beautiful nature and the traditional life of it’s people..the number of populations there are not as huge as their counterparts in the west Malaysia..if all states are overly development you and your children will no longer recognize what is proboscis monkeys and orang utan the horn bills and other endangered species in the future..people will also will have no idea how the dayaks,kadazan,kedayan,lunbawang,suluk,bidayuh,murut,penan,rungus,bajau,bajau laut,kelabit,melanau etc sustain their life..

  10. Does Malaysia obey Brunei's claim? Does this function like the Guyana-Venezuela water territories? or Brunei just cuts the Malaysian territories with one line? How do they function? How far is the territorial water of Brunei?


  11. malaysia has been surrounded by terrorism threats in multiple sides such as southern thai, southern philiphines and indonesian extremists in decades, yet there is almost non existent threats within malaysian soil. props to them


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