[NEW] Attack On Titan Chapter 117 : Eren VS Reiner + Porco + Pieck (Full Fight), Zeke Joins Eren

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attack on titan chapter 117
shingeki no kyojin chapter 117
aot 117 snk 117 – 118
Eren Vs Marley Round 2
zeke joined eren vs marley
Eren vs Reiner, Porco And Pieck
eren used warhammer titan power
eren beats up reiner
reiner beaten up

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21 thoughts on “[NEW] Attack On Titan Chapter 117 : Eren VS Reiner + Porco + Pieck (Full Fight), Zeke Joins Eren”

  1. I just don’t get why everybody is against Eren. If Eren or nobody does anything, the racism and the hate towards Eldians will never end. Marley and all the other nations were already planning on invading and killing every single Eldian from paradis. Is that what mikasa, armin, hange and the others who are against Eren’s plans want? All those survey members and innocent citizens from paradis dying in the hands of mindless titans all those centuries, everything because of Marley and when Eldians in paradis take action they are the bad guys Like really? I am Eren team all the way.

  2. eren is close to becoming a god titan like seriously and all this time the beast titan was eren's brother all this time i was not ready for that

  3. Zeke and eren is probably one of the best anime duos of all time with out a doubt in my mind also I hope the anime for this is going to be like dragon ball on crack


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