Nighttime Visitor: I found a GLITCH & also beat the game! TAKE THAT ALEX [pt. 3]

I have determined I am going to beat Nighttime visitor. I did it too. I completed Nighttime visitor. It feels nice to say too, “Bazoogle, beating Nighttime visitor” Refreshing, really. Along my journey, I even took control of Alex. I commanded him (20:17), I found a glitch (17:48), and I even did a mega juke which ultimately won me the game (21:52)! I did a lot in this episode, it’s a good one. Plus, you get to see y face for the first time on my channel. I didn’t say anything about it, but it’s a pretty lovely face.

Nighttime Visitor:

Part 1: (as promised in the video)
Part 2:

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  1. Soooo, Twitter is apparently a thing. If you are really interested, you might want to follow me on Twitter, so you can get my random midnight spiels… OH, and also so you stay up to date with my channel. Yea, that too. Check it out:

  2. Hey guess what I know how to get lots of speed
    Go to the water fountain and get water
    And you can look at the meter to show you how much speed you have


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