NIGHTTIME VISITOR [Part 2] – Shocking Truth Revealed – ENDING

Part 1:
Alright, so. Looks like there’s something we didn’t know about Alex. But I think there’s something to learn from this. Hope you guys enjoy, thanks for watching!


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48 thoughts on “NIGHTTIME VISITOR [Part 2] – Shocking Truth Revealed – ENDING”

  1. I love this game, it’s hilarious, and for all these years I’ve especially loved your reaction to it. I see a lot of comments stating they’re underwhelmed by Alex’s appearance and personally I’m not affected by it but I do understand. Personally I don’t think Alex’s appearance should be that frightening because of the game’s childish and goofy look and feel, but it could definitely become slightly more frightening when he comes at you. Because of the game’s childish nature it almost reminisces a child’s play. So I think that if the dev would like to remake or update the game Alex should look a bit like what you see when you’re 5 years old and your older brother is chasing you down to tickle you, aka a goofy looking monster/killer. I’d settle for a goofy looking killer, big wide eyes and a smile, perhaps a somewhat 90’s kid millennial look, beanie, zipup hoodie etc. Running fast through the halls with a kitchen knife. Or you might as well just go full child’s play and have him run around with his hands up like he’s gonna get you. Would be pretty fun I think, even if it’s not so threatening

  2. Lolol you can see the pure anguish on John's face when he realized he was absolutely terrified of DoodleBob lmfao

  3. Hey John Wolfe there a new nighttime visitor game is coming out soon! It's called nighttime visitor: revisited. Alex will return.
    I love your nighttime visitor videos.
    Your the best YouTuber!!!

  4. I think it’d be cool to have this new game dynamic where you can leave your phone anywhere, and have Alex find it only to pick it up and use it to lure you by leaving it somewhere else. Seeing your phone on the ground DIFFERENT from where you last placed it means he is close by.

  5. Thx for face it like a man.. coz i definitely nvr gonna play this kind of game.. so i need brave people like you. So i can watch u play, while I'm hidding underneath my blanket.

  6. I was also hoping for an explanation or an ending. Don't like having question marks floating on top of my head for a long time.

  7. There are hundreds of ways to survive such a thing. When someone's after you by calling and trying to pinpoint where you are.

  8. 1) So glad to see that you conquered your fears and played this again. Very inspirational!
    2) Alex can move much faster than you; sort of reminds me of playing Pac-Man
    3) It's be neat if Alex was a suicide bomber and exploded when he tagged you.
    4) Sure enough, the voices in the rooms behind locked doors were just there to torment you.
    5) The office building is not as big as Black Mesa, but it still is quite big.
    6) So glad to see that it is possible to win this game by escaping to safety.
    7) No one who plays this will ever be able to work late at night ever again.
    8) Why doesn't the game start you in your room, instead of by the restrooms?

  9. I really wish this game had a larger story I know that there’s probably no where it could’ve gone from there but I truly feel like that it could become a really large indie game if it had more content and things like that

  10. Every now and then, I watch this video because this was my first video watching John. I come for the great game too. It's really great.

  11. i think this game is making fun of how we have this anxiety that someone out there is trying to get us, but in reality we're safe and have nothing to worry about

  12. I jumped out of my bed when I saw Alex. It didn't look human and the way he walked up so fast towards the phone screen. My hear beated faster when he was getting closer to the exit door.

  13. With the darkening hallways I thought it was going to lead to one of those "I almost escaped but AAA THE MONSTER oh I died the end" type endings.

  14. I enjoy watching these but whenever I played ANY game taht had those unending, round-and-round maze type scenarios, I got too bored and quit.


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