OOP PHP | Implements Interface #9

Object Oriented Programming ( OOP ) in PHP.
What is inheritance,how to implement it in oop

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16 thoughts on “OOP PHP | Implements Interface #9”

  1. Congratulations for your superb work ! Your classes make me understand lots of things better ! But I would like to know how I can implement all these stuffs in a project ? or do you have a project here with all these stuffs?

  2. Wow, this was the first Bitfumes tutorial I have watched, and I loved it. You covered the subject nicely, and have made interfaces seem quite simple in the process. Subscribed, and I look forward to catching up on the others. Thanks!

  3. Interface?! It's always confusing me the name like this in the world of programming. Why just simply not blueprint or schema or skeleton or whatever. Interface is always used to connect things and not to describe there template/layout. I was always wondering who gives the names like this. But of course as usual, you described it in the best way. Great!


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