PHP CURL Tutorial – Web Scraping & Login To Website Made Easy

Finally! PHP CURL Tutorial Made Easy For Beginners

Do you want to become a web developer from scratch?

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It is Web Scraping PHP CURL Tutorial For Beginners.

In this curl tutorial you will learn how to:
– scrape results from Google search
– use curl post method to get tutorials from CodingPassiveIncome website
– use curl post and curl cookie to log in to website

Also, I will show you how to use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser.

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41 thoughts on “PHP CURL Tutorial – Web Scraping & Login To Website Made Easy”

  1. why my output always blank? is it my url or what?
    i try another url but it works fine, but it didnt work with some url. how ?

  2. Notice: Trying to get property 'recent' of non-object

    in :
    could you explain this error please … cuz I couldn't find any solution for it…

  3. Hallow, thank you for this great tutorial, i try to do so with a link but it give me nothing; this is the link curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, ""); i think the probleme is the char#, can you please try to see what happen with this link, thank you

  4. thank you for this great tutorial, i followed your code and get this error; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')' in C:xampphtdocsrobotindex.php on line 4n can you please help me to fix this error, or any one here had the same problem, thank you very much

  5. Hi, I am japanese. So, I am not good at English sorry.

    By the way, I have question.

    It appears in about 19minutes and 4seconds of this tutorial, You sucess login and It appears in about 21minutes and 37seconds, You get view-sourece {"status":1, "firstLesson"=1}.

    But, I can't log in even if I do the same, and I get {"status":0} instead of {"status":1, "firstLesson"=1}.

    Is this because I'm doing it on localhost or is there any other cause?

    In this case, the tutorial will not continue, so please let us know if there is a solution.

    Finally、 I was sorry in ugly English.

    And,I am very grateful that your tutorial has been easy to understand so far.


  6. hi,your video is very good. I have a suggestion for you: can you set in description time codes(if you tell about 2+ themes)

  7. I was with you up until you started using jQuery. Why not just use plain VanillaJS? I hate jQuery, as do countless employers now.


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