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In this tutorial have shown how to download any file with any extension using PHP. There are a few simple steps and a small script using which we can download any file easily.

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17 thoughts on “PHP File Download | Download Any File using PHP”

  1. why i cant download my file? when i click the <a> tag was always display a word in a different language? help me please for my capstone project. Godbless.

  2. What not do do 101. WARING!!! excellent to download any file, I mean any system file!!! never trust user input, and make sure you just don't allow url params to decide full path of the file…

  3. The source code gave me an Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent, please could you help me resolving this error. Thank You!

  4. tapi bagaimana cara kita linkkan agar file dapat di upload/download oleh setiap user tanpa di tampilkan ke user lain. sekali lagi terima kasih..!

  5. This is a very helpful video.

    Can you please also help me do a tutorial "after the users key in their id (eg 001), users can download the files that I uploaded in the database according to the id"

    Thank you very much in advnace! 🙂

  6. thank u a lot, your tutorials are so helpfull. and some tutorial about file management please , thank u a lot


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