PHP Front To Back [Part 12] – Common String Functions

In this video we will go over some common and useful string functions such as


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30 thoughts on “PHP Front To Back [Part 12] – Common String Functions”

  1. I disabled adblock for the support, thats all I could do for you.

    EDIT : And I enabled Adblock again. Sorry, I am running on limited data packs.

  2. at 11:00, why do you put {} around variable names in your echo? They are outputed the same way weather you put it or not so it seems unnecessary.

  3. No VS Code && no Prettier …? How did we LIVE back then lol 😂🤯 These videos are great even years later! Thanks Brad

  4. Kind of funny what kind of commercials appear when you watch this stuff "Hi! do you want to make a website blablabla" if they went something like "Hi! do you want a snicker bar a can of cola and a pack of sigarettes?" that would make a lot more sense.. That AI is not really 'there' yet..

  5. @10:54 why do you use curly braces here for $value? I tried it without and I had no issues. Are you mixing things up with Angular's String-Interpolation maybe? 😀

  6. Stuttering a bit, so I am logging my progress at #100DaysOfCode. Here is my repo

  7. In substr('Hello',1,3), the second number is actually the number of characters to extract, not the position of the end of the substring. So substr('computer',3,3) will return 'put'.

  8. Forgive my newbie question. Executing this line with or without curly braces yields the same result: echo "{$value} is a string<br>"; Would someone be kind enough to explain why. Thank you

  9. Who not use Live Reload Google Chrome Extension: or do you want newbies to not feel intimidated as you click refresh on browser each time.

    Good teacher

  10. How many episodes do you think this series will have? Thanks btw im really enjoying it and learning alot…also do you recommend any other resources to learn about the language of PHP? Thank you!!

  11. Hey Brad, is it possible a chapter about CRON JOB? How to run a script on the server? I want to delete photos older than 30 days and I thought do this with cron task, but I have no idea about how to do. And a big question, how to save files below the public_html to be safe? And how to access them in the cms? Thanks a lot.


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