PHP Front To Back [Part 19] – File System Functions

In this video we will look at some functions to work with files, folders and paths such as basename(), dirname(), file_get_contents(), fopen(), fread() and much more

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27 thoughts on “PHP Front To Back [Part 19] – File System Functions”

  1. Thanks a million for the great course, Brad. At 14:00 appending to a file seemed a bit too complicated to me and i was wandering if there is a way to do it in less code and res usage. I've found that file_put_contents() takes its mode as a parameter, so " file_put_contents($file, 'goodbye world', FILE_APPEND); " would work as well.

  2. Nice series broken down to small pieces so that it is easy to follow and easy to go back to topics that need to be refreshed. Also Brad takes the time to show the alternative scenarios when entering lines of data.

  3. I used to hate php but i am loving it now, thanks man keep it up, we really appreciate your efforts, so useful

  4. If anyone else was confused like I was, "fread" on line 62 takes two parameters, the $handle we defined and a file size it reads up to. To read the whole file we used the filesize function to read every byte of the file.

  5. Hello Traversy, please can you show me how to use the PHP id3_tags








    any help from you will be useful

  6. I am a college student and i am doing my last semester project, i am glad i saw your videos about php you helped me a lot with these videos . You are a better teacher from any other teacher at my college!!

  7. Fantastic videos Brad. I've been working through your PHP playlist for the past couple of days and you are a fantastic teacher.

  8. "Lets pass in $file …….. and we get nothing …….. thats because there is no $file2 …. " lmao so calm and steady was funny.

  9. I use Ubuntu and when I use the last thing we did (create file2.txt and write to it). It creates the file and write to it but I cant save the file. So I figured I have to go into file system and change privileges manually. and for some reason I cant even do that since I don't own the file. some "deamon"-thing owns it.
    It made me think about if you develop a website in Windows and deploy it on an Ubuntu system, can that give you problems you don't know before you test it (after you deployed it)?

    I'm not so used to Ubuntu and learn it because so many website companies use it. I must say I miss Windows where everything works out of the box (more or less). But I'm not giving up yet on Ubuntu.

  10. I really liked this series please keep sharing video Brad. Your all videos awesome you are really good teacher..


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