PHP Proxy Scraper Tutorial Using CURL and Regular Expressions

In this video we’re going to learn how to create a proxy scraper by loading the urls of the web site with curl and matching them with regular expressions.

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13 thoughts on “PHP Proxy Scraper Tutorial Using CURL and Regular Expressions”

  1. Awesome video. Just 1 correction: port numbers can be anything between 0 and 65535 – in other words, between 1 and 5 numbers, not between 2 and 4 as you have it in the video @ 8:42. In fact, if you check that list of proxies @ 1:04, you'll note that proxy #4 has 55447 as the port number.


  2. Just subscribed to your channel! When are you going to upload more videos?! Do you know about zmsocial(dot)com!? You should use it to get your videos higher in the search results!

  3. Am still using Atom at the moment, but am getting really interested in Visual Code, as more and more people are using it! Seems to be the perfect point between IDE & Editor. What theme is being used in this video or do you have to create your own ?


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