PHP tutorial in Hindi part – 15 – PHP File Stystem | fopen, fclose, fwrite Functions

In this video we we learn about the file system in php, means file manipulation on server. There are many functions in php which allow us to manipulate the files on server like (fopen(), fclose(), fwrite(), file_exists(), file_get_contents(), fileread(), file(), rename() and unlink() functions) by using these functions we can modify any file on server.

A simple and short PHP tutorial for the beginners who want to learn php with less efforts. We cover all the built-in PHP functions and its topics. This is the step by step php, mysql programming learning series. In each tutorial, we cover 2-3 topics so that it will be short and easy to learn. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the programming then you can also learn from this step to step php tutorials, because core php is very easy to learn there is no need to have knowledge about any programming if you have sharp mind then you can learn easily.
Now a days php is very useful programming language because it is open source and we can develop the web applications with less efforts and minimum cost so guys keep watching the videos so that you can learn from them.
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0:00:38.300: PHP File System
0:01:02.460: Opening a file
0:01:58.960: fopen()
0:02:05.740: fopen() Syntax
0:02:44.180: Opening Modes
0:03:08.660: r mode
0:03:28.380: r+ mode
0:03:51.600: w mode
0:04:41.480: w+ mode
0:05:20.280: a mode
0:05:45.880: a+ mode
0:06:35.260: x mode
0:07:08.620: x+ Mode
0:07:54.180: reading file content
0:08:26.600: Program Example
0:16:28.640: Reading file functions
0:16:46.580: readfile() program example
0:19:49.280: file_get_contents() Function program example
0:23:39.340: file() function example
0:28:37.960: Writing a file content
0:28:46.620: fwrite() function
0:29:33.120: fwrite() function syntax
0:29:59.740: fwrite() Function program example
0:44:34.740: file_put_contents() Function
0:44:55.120: file_get_contents() Function Program Example
0:50:25.840: Renaming a File
0:50:35.080: rename() function
0:51:02.500: rename a file program example
0:55:37.960: Removing File: unlink() Function
0:56:09.320: unlink() function program example


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