RAFT – 7 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Among the many dozens of early access survival games, RAFT is truly a hidden gem! We had no idea that being stuck on a raft waiting for something to happen could be so fun, and because of this we decided to take a deeper dive into what it takes to be successful. Thus we created these 7 tips to help give any new player a head start on their journey.

Raft Let’s Play:


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35 thoughts on “RAFT – 7 Beginner Tips and Tricks”

  1. cool guide guys well done i think leafs are most important at the start tho to make Ropes 🙂 but other then that all good info keep it up

  2. 3:07
    Panics about not having a hook, accidently makes a fishing rod instead. Lol u dumb bitch unlucky bro we've all been there

  3. Is there a way to steer the raft, and rotate it, in order to make the nets facing towards the direction, the items come from?

  4. i wish i would have washed this before two of my friends and i were screaming for our life , starving to death.on a 1 by 1

  5. Can you not just use the bait to lure the shark and kill it. This would lead to longer times before the next shark comes. I accidentally done this w/o bait after killing a shark attacking the raft and had plenty of time to gather resources underwater and take off before seeing the next shark.

  6. Brilliant 7 tips, having just learnt the hard way I am now self sufficient in resources and food. Wish I had seen this video earlier would have saved a lot of time.

  7. Thanks. I had no clue how to research items. I kept putting blueprints in the slot, but it wouldn't work. Seems redundant how you have to put the mats in the table and click learn, when you already have the basic things researched. Ark has this same system, only called engrams. It seems alright for pvp, but pve, it should all be unlocked by default. That's just me.

  8. you can build a rampway from the base level of the raft just mmake sure its in the right pot to jump off of it and land on the island

  9. Nice guide. Fortunately in latest update, the devs made it possible to climb up on the islands now without making multiple-story boarding ramps.

  10. i knew all of this already but i just wanted to say that i could not have made a better helpful video. This is all you need in just 5 minutes! Well done man 🙂


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