Ristar the Shooting Star (Sega Game Gear) Extra Parts

Ristar arrives in North Planet to find that the evil automaton Greedy Kraiser is in the midst of attacking the puppet town to select which of the peaceful toys should be scrapped and which should be converted into his evil minions. Ristar is captured and rejected by Greedy’s forces, and is dropped into the dust cargo to be thrown into the incinerator. However, Ristar escapes the clutches of Greedy’s minions and sets off to defeat the evil king. However, not only is the Planet Flora filled with Greedy’s minions, but to reach the evil overlord’s castle, Ristar must defeat Crazy Kings, a puppet jealous of Ristar’s success. He wants to be the star instead of Ristar, and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

Ristar the Shooting Star is a 1995 action-platformer developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It was originally released for the Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, and Sega Master System. The main character, a puppet named Ristar, can throw his head at enemies to defeat them and use it to pull himself to various areas and move objects. The player can find a wide variety of heads which act as power-ups that provide different effects and alter gameplay.

The 8-bit versions of Ristar are based on the original Mega Drive versions, but they have simplified plot, gameplay, levels and enemies, they are also much shorter. All Keymasters were replaced with Crazy Kngs machines. The regional differences in these versions mostly repeat those on the Mega Drive, except for new sprites for some enemies – these versions’ sprites only differ in palette.

The Japanese Game Gear version has intro and ending, which, together with easier enemies, makes it the least interesting one to play, it also slightly changes enemy placement in a couple instances, and adds a robot in the first level. The US Game Gear version has intro and ending, but has congratulatory writing on curtains at the end. The Brazilian Master System version has more elaborate framing on some screens, but plays the same as the US Game Gear version otherwise.

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