Splendor – How To Play

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In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Splendor!

00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – The Setup
01:32 – Game Play Overview
02:14 – Taking Gems
03:05 – Gem Limits
03:30 – Purchasing Developments
04:10 – Bonuses
05:53 – Reserving a Development
06:38 – Gold
07:08 – Attracting Nobles
08:00 – Ending The Game
08:14 – Declaring a Winner
08:27 – Conclusion

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25 thoughts on “Splendor – How To Play”

  1. hi, im just getting started playing splendor. would you say acquiring gems is the best move early on in the game? or should try to nab a development asap

  2. Hi Rodney. Great explanation. This is one of our favourite games, however, a situation has occurred many times with no real “by the book” explanation anywhere that I can find. Do you know what happens and what can happen when a player has 10 coins but cannot buy and of the cards infront of them? Let’s assume they also filled all their reserves. What action can be taken?


  3. Rod, thank you for the professional and well-informed explanation of Splendor. I easily caught on and I appreciate your team's work. I have shared this with my little Goddaughter and look forward to playing it with her online while we are all hunkering down amid Covid-19. My gratitude, Rod. 🤗🧼😷🏥💞
    -Norm (Troy, MI)

  4. I understand almost everything apart from on the pc game it doesn't let you reserve a card that you can afford already with tokens or cards etc. But I do this on the board game version against my partner just to grab a gold coin for a card that I know I'll purchase on my next turn anyway. Is this allowed?

  5. Excellent overview of Splendor – thank you! I have a question and maybe you have a better answer than what I've tried. I just received the game from Amazon and it looked brand new, but I only received 32 Level 1 Development cards, as opposed to 40 cards. I wrote to the manufacturer, but they are in Europe and I wrote to Amazon, but haven't heard back yet. Thoughts?

  6. When you reserve a card an have a GOLD chip, can you use the golden chip on any purchase next time it is your turn, or just on the reserved card. also can you use more then 1 gold in a purchase?

  7. So… say i have enough gems+developments on my turn to purchase a card (w prestige points or not) and also have enough development cards to attract a noble. Can I purchase the card and receive the noble on the same turn?

  8. Can you exchange tokens for other colors on your turn? I can’t find this in the rules but the people I play with say you can. Also, can you exchange a token for a gold to reserve? Also is it true you can reserve a card from the draw pile? I saw this on some rules. TYIA!

  9. thanks for the explanation but still trying to figure out: when its your turn can you just keep picking up cards that match up to your gem cards? or can you just pick up one card and then on to the next player? we played the first way and ended up getting to the place where we were picking up four and 5 cards in one shot. not sure if we were supposed to though. thanks for your input

  10. OMG! Subscribed even before liking the video! Freaking awesome explaination! This is now my go channel to learn games.

  11. If I receive a visit from a noble, does he stay with me for the rest of the game? Or if someone else meets the criteria does he moved them?

  12. Is there anything negative about picking up a development and never getting to use (purchase) it? Like, at the end, do you take a point away for the ones in your hand you didn't actually purchase. Since you get a gold, I think I'd just use the gold on something else and never "buy" the one in my hand…


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