Teletubbies – The Best of Laa-Laa

Now finally, here is Laa-Laa’s best moments. Noo-Noo will be coming soon.

Here are the segments I put into it:
Laa-Laa Wears Dipsy’s Hat (From Emily Washing the Pony)
TV Event – Dirty Dog
Laa-Laa’s Ball Gets Stuck In A Tree (From The Helicopter)
Laa-Laa’s Best Song (From Music With Debbie)
Laa-Laa’s Ball Changes Shape (From Bubbles)
Laa-Laa’s Happy Walk (From Going For A Walk)
Laa-Laa’s Magic Rabbit Counting Book (From Guessing Game)
Laa-Laa Dances With Her Ball In The Skirt (From Painting Easter Eggs)
Magical Event – The Magic Tree
Laa–Laa Makes Some Adjustments At The Control Panel (From Long Horns)
TV Event – Colours: Yellow
Laa-Laa’s Ball Gets Stuck On The Slide (From Orange Picking)
Laa-Laa’s Orange Ball (From Colours – Orange)
Tubby Bye-Bye (Laa-Laa is the Boo Shouter)

I technically don’t own this because I didn’t make the Teletubbies, but I made the special so I think it’s under fair use, this is fan made, I didn’t make any money from it.

Credits: Me for making the special. catbooks for one segment, and the rest from the Teletubbies channel. All rights go to Ragdoll Productions, DHX Media and BBC!!!!


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