The Atari 5200 Project – All 69 Atari 5200 games – Every game (US/EU/JP)

Check out all 69 Atari 5200 games in one video.

This is a list of all 69 officially released games for the Atari 5200 Super System, organized alphabetically by name. This list excludes any homebrew games made by 3rd-parties.
No games were released in Europe or Japan.


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***This video shows only the games licensed by Atari***

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22 thoughts on “The Atari 5200 Project – All 69 Atari 5200 games – Every game (US/EU/JP)”

  1. I'm crying :(. My games when I was a child… I miss there days. Thanks a million… I will watch all the collections. Please keep going

  2. Man… if only this hadn't flopped. This looks LEAGUES better than the 2600! And, fun fact, 2600+2600=5200. Just thought that was a cute detail. Atari WAS gaming back in the early days, and MAN do I wish they were still around…

  3. Thanks for this, most of these games are just arcade ports. There are a few I want to play but most of these games are no longer necessary as they aren't superior to the arcade nor are they their own take on the material.

  4. Great video! I started slightly after this with the Nes in 1985 and Sega Master System in 1986. Even though I was really young and very casual, I always liked video games. It wasn't until 1989 that I truly became a diehard gamer with the Sega Genesis. That Christmas changed me in a big way. I continued onward and got an Snes in 1991 and Sega CD in 1992. I have never stopped and I won't ever look back.

    My only issue with this machine Atari 5200 is the sound. My God, it's the single most unpleasant thing I have ever heard. Some of the games were graphically impressive but the sound just hurts my head.

  5. Can't remember why this didn't do better, these games look great graphically, and some look great gameplay wise.

  6. And the controller [aside from breaking] was not hard to use once you got used to it. This system gets a bad rap from people on the internet who probably played it for 5 minutes

  7. There are games in the 8bits family Atari could not ever posible in the Nes: Ballblazer, rescued in fractalus, staraider.


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